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Ideas for Play at Home #3

Jacinta McInnerney . 18 Mar 2020 . Comments
Ideas for Play at Home #3 Children love dress-ups and role play. Why not get all your stuffed animals and make a wildlife clinic or vet clinic. With the recent bushfires, children were exposed to a lot of media about our native animals suffering alongside people in bush fire effected areas. Dramatic play is a good way for children to learn and understand about the world around them. They can play out scenarios about things they see and hear in their daily lives and make more sense of them.  

Of course the uncertainty at the moment around COVID-19 is another area where children may benefit from being able to act out through play to help them deal with and understand the situation.

 Just use things you have around the house for children to use in their dramatic play - old clothes and shoes, scarves, sheets, boxes, kitchen items, old bandages etc.
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