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Ideas for Play at Home #2

Jacinta McInnerney . 18 Mar 2020 . Comments
Ideas for Play at Home #2 Making music instruments at home is really easy, lots of fun and inexpensive. Please make sure younger children are supervised.

Musical Bottes: pictured
  • Fill a number of bottles with a different amount of water.
  • Add coloured dye to each bottle
  • Use wooden spoons or sticks to make a different sound on each bottle

Box Harp:

  • 1 box
  • 6-10 rubber bands
  • Remove the lid from the box.
  • Stretch rubber bands around the open part of the box (or even around the lid itself).Pluck the rubber bands and have fun!

Bongo Drums:

  • Place small handful rice in empty can (make sure can has smooth edges)
  • Cut the end off a balloon and stretch over the can
  • Secure the balloon with a rubber band


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